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If you're looking for a beautiful fitness/wellness resort in a location that epitomizes wellness, look no farther than Camp Nautilus at Salt Lake Lodge. Our program is based on a minimalist principle that life is best at its most basic.  We keep food nutrient-dense and healthy, and activities and movements natural.  At the camp, you'll get fit naturally by eating delicious, organic food and doing the type of activities that you would have undertaken in a world where life were simpler.

Fitness Specialists

Our camp fitness specialists have designed workout routines that blend in harmony with the serene environment. These workouts include walking, kayaking, and swimming to complement the natural, healthy diet. Workouts can be harder if you wish, but the healthy lifestyle lends itself to sustainable fitness and wellness and, more importantly, your sense of wellbeing.

Get Healthy, Naturally

With us, you'll reduce calories and weight by eating well, jogging, and taking walks through the coconut plantation and rain forest, or by biking along the coastal road or to Natewa Bay. Along the journey, you'll build balance, strength, and endurance by paddle boarding on a bamboo raft, kayaking the pristine tidal river at your doorstep, or following the reversing tides to the uninhabited island beach at the edge of the Koro Sea.

As your natural surroundings speak to the grace of nature - to renewal, harmony, and balance, so your mind and spirit will embrace the inner peace and wellbeing that is intended. Our staff of professionals will be with you every step of the journey, so you leave with an enhanced sense of awareness of yourself and the world. The limited size of Camp Nautilus allows us focus on each individual with the singular purpose of helping you make lasting changes. We recommend a four-week stay for full immersion into the insights, awareness, behaviors, and habits you will develop here. Of course, the length of your stay is whatever works for you. You might stay for just one week, or you may book for several months. However long you stay, our entire staff is committed to helping you make the most of your visit and ensuring you have the experience of a lifetime.